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Welcome to my web site.

GM Glass Beads are all Australian handmade lampworked beads.

I have been creating glass bead jewellery for many years and have for a long time been fascinated by the production of Venetian glass created primarily from the region around the Murano islands located less than 2 kilometres north east of Venice, Italy.   This region is famous for glass making, and in particular lampworking.

Lampworking is the most time consuming method of glass bead-making.  I use melting agents in the production of my beads to soften and lower temperatures for slower solidification. This process allows me more time to work and shape the material.   My beads are lamp-worked which is very time consuming as each piece must be formed individually.

My beads are made predominantly from Moretti and Murano glass rods which are high quality and has a large colour range.   I also incorporate silver, cubic zirconia, enamels, and silver powders in my beads to create a wide range of effects and colour variations.   There are many themes in my bead range, the most popular being florals, aquatic scenes, earth tones, and Tree of Life designs.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD  a copy of the Moretti Colour Chart in .PDF format:-

All my glass is guaranteed against thermal shocking and all beads have been annealed in order to strengthen and remove stress in the glass.   Annealing is a process of heating and slow cooling which toughens and reduces brittleness.

The bulk of orders can be tailored to specification and is available in a huge colour range to suit the individual choice.   All jewellery is made using either Sterling Silver or a cheaper metal.   Prices will depend on whether silver, semi precious gem stones, or high grade fresh water pearls are used.

Economically priced bracelets range from $30 to $45.   Sterling silver bracelets can range from $65 to $80.

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